How to Structure and Youth Athlete Strength and Conditioning Program

As a follow up to my article for STACK Media, I further break down how to construct a beginner Strength and Conditioning program for a new athlete.  Whether you are beginning a strength and conditioning program to enhance your athletics or a parent needing some guidance to help your child out, this video is for you.  Check out the video here:

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How to Create a Strength and Conditioning Program for Youth Athletes

Are you or your child ready to start a strength and conditioning program to help enhance athletic performance?  Look no further; in my latest article for STACK Media I discuss the essential elements of a beginner’s strength and conditioning program and how to set it up going forward.

Check out the article here


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5 Exercise Mistakes that Lead to Elbow Pain

Photo courtesy of Awake and Alive

Photo courtesy of Awake and Alive

Training regularly does not come without its risks and the potential for overuse injuries is prevalent.  One of the most common overuse injuries is elbow pain; the kind that leads to a dull throbbing usually along the inside and slows down your progress or even stops your training completely.  In my article for Awake and Alive I give my top 5 exercise mistakes that lead to elbow pain and how to avoid them.

Check out the article and video here



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