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Kettlebell Swing and Single Upper Body Finisher

Are you ready for another one of my favorite kettlebell finishers? In this one I combine swing variations with single-sided upper body movements including presses, row and floor presses. This is a great way to end your workout or to even make it a quick workout by
itself. Grab your kettlebell and timer and give it a shot.

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How Old Does Your Child Need to Be to Start Working Out?

Preschooler boy working out on the floor, doing push-ups or press-ups exercises, against a white wall with copy space

Photo Courtesy of STACK Media

One of the most common questions I get as a strength and conditioning coach is “what age do you think is a good age to start training?” In my article for Stack Media I give my opinion of what age your child can start training and some of the prerequisites to have before you enroll them in a training program. Check out the article and video here:

How Old Does Your Child Need to Be to Start Working Out?


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Awake & Alive Podcast



In this episode I talked to Michael DiCroce and Mark Smith about such topics like the challenges of training service men and women and I also gave some further insight about how to become a master of anything based on an article I wrote for the Onnit Academy.


Check out the PodCast Episode Here

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