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Open up your Thoracic Spine

The thoracic spine is the area of the upper back that is responsible for a lot of different movements including flexing our shoulders over our heads.  Daily tasks like driving, typing and even training too much in the forward positions can lock this segment of the spine in place and create a laundry list of dysfunction and potential injuries.  In the article and video by Mike Selemi of Kettlebell Lifestyle he uses me as his model to go over his favorite way to open up the thoracic Spine.  Check it out:

Check out the article and video here

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How to Create and Youth Athlete Strength and Conditioning Program

As a follow up to my article for STACK Media, I further break down how to construct a beginner Strength and Conditioning program for a new athlete.  Whether you are beginning a strength and conditioning program to enhance your athletics or a parent needing some guidance to help your child out, this video is for you.  Check out the video here:

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How to Create a Strength and Conditioning Program for Youth Athletes


Are you or your child ready to start a strength and conditioning program to help enhance athletic performance?  Look no further; in my latest article for STACK Media I discuss the essential elements of a beginner’s strength and conditioning program and how to set it up going forward.

Check out the article here


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