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Open up your Thoracic Spine

The thoracic spine is the area of the upper back that is responsible for a lot of different movements including flexing our shoulders over our heads.  Daily tasks like driving, typing and even training too much in the forward positions can lock this segment of the spine in place and create a laundry list of dysfunction and potential injuries.  In the article and video by Mike Selemi of Kettlebell Lifestyle he uses me as his model to go over his favorite way to open up the thoracic Spine.  Check it out:

Check out the article and video here

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5 Exercise Mistakes that Lead to Elbow Pain

Photo courtesy of Awake and Alive

Photo courtesy of Awake and Alive

Training regularly does not come without its risks and the potential for overuse injuries is prevalent.  One of the most common overuse injuries is elbow pain; the kind that leads to a dull throbbing usually along the inside and slows down your progress or even stops your training completely.  In my article for Awake and Alive I give my top 5 exercise mistakes that lead to elbow pain and how to avoid them.

Check out the article and video here

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5 Simple Stretches for Low Back Pain

I have never come across anyone who has not experienced low back tightness and mild pain at some point during their lives.  The good news is that most low back pain is attributed to muscle tightness.  In this video I demonstrate my five favorite and simple stretches for alleviating low back pain. Check out the video below.




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