Resistance Band Training

I received a question as to how I uses the bands in my strength and conditioning protocols for our athletes.  Band work is great and can be used for several different modalities.

I like bands for gaining more joint mobility and flexibility.  You can use them intermittently in your training programs or during the warm ups.  I have made two band warm up videos in the past:

Band Lowerbody Warm Up

Band Upperbody Warm Up

Bands can also be used to strengthen an injured muscle group.  When I tore my trap and one of my arm muscles I exclusively used bands the first few weeks of training to get my strength and mobility back.  If a muscle or movement bothers you, the band is also a good tool to work around joint pain or a muscle injury, by strengthening around the area it will help support and protect the injured area.

At the Elite Training Workshop I learned a few new band movements from Dave “The Band Man” Schmitz and Mark Bell of Super Training Gym showed me a great band exercise to help my leg abduction strength for my squats.

Check out my latest video below to see them.


5 Comments to Resistance Band Training

  1. Thanks for this Doug.

    In your original article, you mentioned that Dave Schmitz talked about injuries occurring during deceleration. Are these kind of exercises that will help improve handling deceleration? You also mentioned using the bands on exercises, like squat presses. I don’t quite get that and especially how you would do that with groups getting everyone on the right band for their strength and range of mention.



  2. dennis on April 25th, 2012
  3. Thanks for reading and the comments Dennis,
    Bands are great for training deceleration because handling deceleration properly stems from learning to control and ecccentric load (bodyweight and force from gravity/acceleration). Let’s say you have one of your kids stand of the band and then pull it over his/her shoulders for some squats; in the standing position the band will have them most tension. During the eccentric portion the band is literally pulling the child’s body down so the child must decelerate or control the downward motion or else balance will be lost. If they can successfully do this they will be more likely to replicate it during their sport.

    As for the groups, bands and not too expensive and you don’t need many of them. I would say that most your athletes only need the mini or super -mini bands (1st and 2nd of the two smaller sizes). I only use these two bands for 90% of my band work. Throw them into 2-3 different stations (ex. squats, front pull aparts and seated hip abductions).

    I hope this clarified a few ideas for you.


  4. Doug on April 25th, 2012
  5. Thanks for the explanation and the detailed upper and lower body warm ups. really helpful.

    I went to to look for bands like yours. I did not see them. can you send me a link? what resistance do you recommend for most HS kids. How about older trained athletes?

    thanks again for this. good stuff.


  6. dennis on April 26th, 2012
  7. dennis on April 26th, 2012
  8. Those bands you sent are good. You probably only need the two smallest sizes for your High School guys. They do not need to be heavy. I also like these:

  9. Doug on April 29th, 2012


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