Rise Above Down Under

There were a few things in my life that I said I would never do.  One was to get a mobile phone and the other was to be active on social networking sites.  Well I caved on both accounts and while the jury is still out on the mobile phone thing, social networking  has been very fruitful especially because I am able to meet and correspond with some great people from all over the world.

Two of the best trainers whom I have never met in person are Kira Clarke and Brendan Dart.  These two enjoy connecting with other trainers as much as they like training themselves.  I have to thank Kira for helping me hook up with other trainers in the industry who I would, most likely have never met at all.

I sent him a few shirts and Brendan (nipples and all) took one for a test drive up some steep stairs toting along a ton of kettlebells in the process.  Check out the video that Kira calls…

“one of our favorite ‘conditioning’ workouts actually (putting a heap of plates/kettlebells/sandbags etc. at the bottom of some stairs and get it to the top using various lifts) … It also works really well for small groups (ie. put 200kg at the bottom of the stairs and get three people to move it to the top as a team … and put the timer on ;)”

It is sadistic and comical enjoy!

Also please check out Kira’s site The Pound Online for tons of videos, articles and my favorite; the fitness related comic book “Gruntman and Geek.”

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Tuesday, March 30th, 2010 Kettlebell Training, Videos

1 Comment to Rise Above Down Under

  1. Ha! Brendan is such a poser!

    He wears your t-shirt around EVERYWHERE … he thinks it makes his gunz look bigger 😉

    Expect a few more clips dedicated to Rise Above Strength over the next few months 🙂

    Cheers, mate!

  2. Kira on April 5th, 2010


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