2012 year end review

Ten Best Strength and Conditioning Moments that Made 2012 Great

Another year is ready to retire and we are moving on whether we are prepared or not.  The end of the year proves to be a hectic time for most people, but I do try to take a few minutes to reflect upon the many experiences I have encountered over the last 365 days.

2012 proved to be a great year for myself and Rise Above Performance Training.  I attended many educational seminars, wrote as many articles in my free time as I could and learned and shared information from many of the best minds in the Strength and Conditioning field.

In this article I present ten of the best (in my opinion) strength and conditioning moments, articles and products that made this past year great.

Also as a gift to you, my loyal readers, at the end of the article you can download a complimentary circuit training manual with workouts that are under 30 minutes, even some under 20 minutes.  There are a few track workouts and some kettlebell training workouts as well.

Quick Circuits

Just a quick note: I do NOT make any money off of the items I endorse; they are just my sincere opinions of what I liked this past year.

Rise Above Performance Training 4th Anniversary Party

I have to admit these four years have come and gone so fast and I feel really fortunate to be open and thriving.  Just like all of the other operational aspects of the gym, this party takes time to get off the ground but once the hard part is out of the way and the members are celebrating with food and the Strongman Competition, I am glad we did it.

I never thought I would be celebrating one year let alone four and I owe it all to the support from the people around me as well as the clients and newsletter readers alike.  If you want to get a feel for what the anniversary party is like and what it means to me you can read more about the Anniversary Party here.

Best Book I Bought

I have to keep up with the strength and conditioning world and keep things new and innovative for my clients.  That being said, I do not just look for the newest and craziest exercises to randomly add into a training program.  These new exercises must have a purpose within the training program.

Martin Rooney’s “Warrior Cardio” is one of the best books for the price you pay.  It starts with an overview of the various energy systems of the body and how to train them, followed by full color exercise demonstration pictures and then the programs.

If you are looking to add some cardio training into yours or your athletes programs I suggest you pick up a copy of this book.


My Favorite Articles Written By Me

This is my favorite article I wrote this past year.  Offseason training is highly important for young athletes because it marks a shift from ending a competitive season, recovery and preparing for the next.  In this article I highlight exactly what young athletes should do in the offseason to have successful results.  You can read my post: What to do in the Off-Season: Guide for Young Athletes here.

My Favorite Article Written By Someone Else

Mike Robertson writes some very good blog posts.  He spends a lot of time and puts in a great amount of information into every post that he writes.  One of his best posts from 2012 came close to the end of the year with his Warm Up Series.  This might be the only article you need to read and videos you need to watch when it comes to warming up for your strength and conditioning.

Don’t get too overwhelmed with the content.  I’d recommend reading it and concentrating on the areas where you personally need more mobility, flexibility and strength.  Read Warm Up here.

Biggest Feat of Strength I Personally Witnessed

I went to Mark Bell’s Super Training Gym in October to watch his Backyard Powerlifting Meet.  The best of the best were there including: Stan Efferding, Eric Spoto, Eric Lilliebridge, Ernie Lilliebridge Jr, Dan Green, Brandon Lilly and many others.

These guys are absolute monsters using my max weights as warm ups.  Here is the highlight video they put together of the meet.  The video is a bit long but if you look in the video description you can skip around to the events you want to see.  Check out the video below:


One-Hour Long Cycle Charity Event

The Orange Kettlebell Club (OKC) did it again this year and these guys should be the example of a formational rock by which the fitness industry is constructed.  Their kettlebell long cycle charity event is in its third year and it has gotten bigger each time with more lifters participating as well as more countries holding similar events simultaneously.

I have participated all three years and I was excited to bring four other Rise Above members with me to Seattle to participate.  The gym raised $1,200 for the Tuberous Sclerosis Alliance.  Next year I encourage all of you kettlebell enthusiasts to join me and the OKC and participate in this event.  If you need more motivation read about this year’s event here: One-Hour Long Cycle Charity Event here.

Best YouTube Video

There really is no excuse not to do something physically active apart from being physically ill.  I believe everyone can find something physical they enjoy doing and can stick with it.  I came across this video and it blew me away.  If you need a little motivation going into the New Year, look no further.   Check out the video below:


Best Piece of Equipment I Purchased

My gym is pretty stocked right now and I have not purchased as much in the last year however I am always looking to increase my grip strength and I found a simple strap set up that you can bring with you anywhere and use for many different exercises.

The Ironmind Eagle Loops is a simple system that can be quickly installed to a pull up bar, barbell dumbbell or loading pin and a variety of exercise can be preformed all of which test your digit strength.  If you are looking to quickly work in some finger strength in a variety of movements go get yourself a pair.

My Favorite Magazine

Mark Bell’s Power Magazine is great.  Unlike the now defunct Powerlifting USA magazine it is not focused solely on powerlifting meets that go on around the country.  This magazine looks at various avenues of strength and conditioning consisting of articles written about power lifting, strength and muscle building, sports nutrition, conditioning, Crossfit and there are even interviews with some of the top powerlifters in the business.  So far this magazine is heavy on quality and very light on the filler.  Check out Power Magazine here.

The Best Thing About 2012

The best thing in the strength and conditioning world are you guys.  All of my clients and readers of the newsletter truly inspire me to come to work each day and yearn to get better at my craft. I truly love what I do and I try to provide you with service and information to be the best you can be.

Have a great and strong 2013!

As I mentioned earlier, as a special thanks I have put together some of my favorite and fast circuit training workouts for you to download and use.

Get your Quick Circuit Training Programs Here

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