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Ten Best Strength and Conditioning Moments that Made 2011 Great

If you are like me you probably can’t believe this year has come and gone so quickly.  I usually get reflective this time of year trying to analyze if I have accomplished enough with the 365 days given to me.

Upon review, this year had some bumps but overall has been an incredibly successful year for Rise Above Strength and the strength and conditioning field in general.  In this article I will share ten of the best (in my opinion) strength and conditioning moments, articles and products that made this year great.

At the end of the article you can download a complimentary circuit training manual with workouts that I made just for my loyal readers.

Just a quick note: I do NOT make any money off of the items I endorse; they are just my sincere opinions of what I liked this past year.

Rise Above Performance Training 3rd Anniversary Party

I have to admit this is the most stressful thing in the world for me to get off the ground but once it is over I am glad we did it.  I never thought I would be celebrating one year let alone three with such a great family of people here at Rise Above Performance Training.

From the food, the strongman contests, the awards presentations and all of the family and friends who came out to celebrate; it was a great day.  You can read more about the Anniversary Party here.

The Minimalist Shoe Movement

I am all about keeping everything simple; training, nutrition and lifestyle.  This new wave of shoes taking the market by storm might be the answer to many people’s foot problems.  They have personally helped me relieve the plantar fasciitis issues I had.  I still think finding the perfect multi-purpose minimalist shoe is a little ways off, however I would recommend people to try them out gradually and see if they are right for them.

One of My Favorite Articles Written By Me

This is my favorite article I wrote this past year.  It mostly had to do with some frustration I have with the cookie cutter workouts that young athletes get and the desire to push them too far.  You can read my post: Five Mistakes when Training Young Athletes here.

One of My Favorite Articles Written By Someone Else

I really enjoy reading articles by Eric Cressey.  He is spot on with his training analysis and is a constant proponent for quality training both in the weight room and in sports to maximize the longevity of an athlete’s career while minimizing injury risks.

Many players and coaches have their youth superstars do too much.  In this particular article Eric points out shortcomings of exhausting the talents of young kids as baseball pitchers.  Read: “Your Arm Hurts? Thank Your Little League, AAU and Fall Ball Coaches.”

Biggest Feat of Strength I Personally Witnessed

Aj and I went to a kettlebell seminar hosted by the Orange Kettlebell Club (OKC) where John “Wild” Buckley brought his 70kg (154lbs.) kettlebell affectionate called “The Nibbler.”  John was the only man up to this point to put it overhead until Aj gave it a try.  Prepare to be impressed as you check out this video: “Aj Makes History”

One-Hour Long Cycle Charity Event

Speaking of the OKC, these guys know how to put on a challenging and worthy event.  This is the second year I have participated in their One-Hour Long Cycle for charity.  This year we raised money for the Japanese Tsunami relief effort.  I was very thankful that the gym raised over $700 to contribute to the event.  I was a little disappointed that I was the only member from Rise Above performing the 1-hour event.  My goal for next year is to raise more money and get at least one person to participate with me.  Read all about the event: One-Hour Long Cycle Charity Event here.

Best YouTube Video

Every once in awhile I find a gem on YouTube that I like to save and go back to for inspiration or a good laugh.  This video was passed around face book and I really found it moving.  Perspective is everything and a huge key to either success or failure.

Best Piece of Equipment I Purchased

When I go for equipment I look for quality, simplicity and versatility.  The Econo Core Blaster from Elite Fitness Systems is all of those things.  It is small, portable and can be used for a variety of exercises in many different planes of movement.  Great bang for the buck.

My Favorite New Magazine

My Mad Methods Magazine is the magazine trainers and serious trainees were looking for.  Forget the popular health and fitness rags, this is a serious training magazine with more articles and programs than advertisements.  The articles are written by top professionals in the field covering everything about unconventional strength training methods.  If you get the magazine you might even see a few articles written by yours’ truly.

The Best Thing About 2011

The best thing in the strength and conditioning world are you guys.  All of my clients and readers of the newsletter are truly inspirational to me and you guys are the ones that get me up every day and allow me do what I love to do.

As a special thanks I have put together some of my favorite circuit training workouts just for you to download and enjoy.  Get your Circuit Training Programs.


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