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How to Get Strong Without a Training Partner

I did a guest blog post for Joe Hashey’s site on how to training alone.  This article talks about what exercises to chose and even how to combat low motivation.

Here is a preview of the article…..

I remember my freshman year in college was the time that I became really interested in weight training and all of the science, methodology, function, and potential results that were part of it. I went to a commuter University and the only way to get free all-day parking was to arrive right when the street cleaners had finished at 6am. At so early in the morning, there were only two options to bide my time before classes; I could either sit in a coffee shop and study or I could hit the gym. I tried to study as little as possible, so the gym was my choice.

My friend, at the time, had armed me with two programs to follow; a navy seal program and a Tom Platz routine which was mostly an ascending-descending pyramid for bench press and squats.

partnersquat How to Get Strong Without A Training Partner

Right away this was something new because I had never followed a structured lifting program before. I did lift for sports in high school but the programs were random. Being as I am a very structured (some would say “anal“) person, having a program that told me exactly what to do and how many reps to do was ideal. I got in the gym, had a plan, didn’t mess around, and I got positive results like I never had before. This set me on the path to learn more about the different exercise techniques and the programs that incorporate successful weight training.

Continue reading the rest of the article on Joe’s site here

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